Wire messaging and video chat: Top in its class!

Wire Messenger has been a God send to me and my friends. Many of which are fed up with Skype, and their constant push to transform themselves into a social media platform. 

Video chat works exceptionally well on this new platform, and the messaging interface is well designed, simple to use, and the top of class in messaging interfaces. 

I urge you to give this new platform a try, and let your friends know that there are other options available. 

Also, feel free to send me a message after you join!

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Scott Legler 

The Mission of American Political Radio

As with any business, fierce competition is part of the daily operation of a streaming Internet radio station. Some stations are out to be the big dog on the block, and will do anything to bring in the most listeners at any cost. Others like to cater to very specific audiences within their sub-culture. While there is room for everyone in the forum of Internet streaming radio, we here at American Political Radio have a very specific agenda for our listeners, and that is to appeal to the broadest range of individuals to bring you fact based news, investigative reporting, political opinion, and yes…even music.

Every single news story is vetted, researched, and proven before it is ever reported on our station by our hosts. We strive on a daily basis to make journalism great again, and we admittedly do it from a Conservative perspective. You can hear, listen, and watch Liberal Socialist news and opinions on almost every TV and radio station out there.

That’s what makes American Political Radio shine. We accept everyone of every color, background, nationality, and sexual orientation. As long as you have Conservative views, and/or are interested in learning about Conservative views then you are welcome in our house.

We want to bring us all together, and get rid of the labels. We’re all human beings with like minded opinions, not different socioeconomic groups to be thrown around into different piles for the political gain of certain political parties and groups to use to their advantage. We will always tell it like it is, without being watered down by political correctness and censorship.

I would like to invite you to listen to our programming, and join us in growing into one of the best places on the Internet to obtain Breaking News, Opinion, and Entertainment. Please join us by visiting https://www.americanpoliticalradio.com and selecting Listen Live.

If you are interested in joining our team as a Host or Music DJ please contact us by email at info@americanpoliticalradio.net

We’re always looking for new and likeminded talent to put on our airwaves.


Scott Legler – Owner/CEO – American Political Radio



Stream Licensing LLC and ASCAP

From the desk of Scott Legler, CEO American Political Radio LLC:

As owner, and founder of American Political Radio LLC, I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to engage with Stream Licensing LLC, as they fight along with other group members against ASCAP regarding royalties that get paid to Artists for their creativity and work that radio stations such as APR LLC play and incorporate into our programming on a daily basis. ASCAP represents many of the “larger” big name Artists in the musical industry regarding the royalties that they are paid for their music being streamed online.

It’s been discovered that Stream Licensing LLC has actually overpaid ASCAP in fees over the years, and when ASCAP was asked for a refund of the over payments that didn’t  seem to make them very happy. Instead, ASCAP has decided to take the bullish route and come after some of the online streaming stations that provide online entertainment to millions of people around the world.

Stream Licensing LLC, is backing all of their members, including American Political Radio LLC, and providing legal services to those streaming stations being singled out by ASCAP. I happen to agree with Stream Licensing LLC’s stance of “United we stand, divided we fall” approach to the overpowering music industry’s bullish approach to royalties being paid to ASCAP and their clients.

While we all want to see each and every Artist fairly paid for their work, it’s also important that streaming radio companies are charged fair fees. Otherwise we cannot maintain and operate a profitable business model, which brings the work of the artists to millions of people across the world. Streaming radio is an asset to these Artists in many ways, as actual physical album sales continue to fall with the onset of the Internet age.

American Political Radio LLC stands by the fair compensation of all Artists both large and small. We also stand by the efforts of Stream Licensing LLC one hundred percent, and will stand by them through every step of this process regarding all legal issues with ASCAP.


Scott Legler

apr back 1


American Political Radio

apr back 1

As owner of the all new American Political Radio (APR) I would like to personally welcome you to my blog page. APR has been built from the ground up by some of the most notable names in modern day political activism.

We’re striving very hard to bring you something new in Conservative radio. Something never before seen in The United States, or anywhere in the world for that matter. We are an all inclusive group of individuals, welcoming everyone in to listen, broadcast, host, interact, enjoy, and love America as founded by our forefathers.  We are all about inclusiveness for all people that share our Conservative values regardless or race, creed, origin, or sexual orientation.

Liberals love to talk about how open and inclusive they are of all people, but they have a very funny way of showing it. Many times singling their constituency into hyphenated groups, essentially segregating their voters to blindly follow them no matter what their leaders say at the podium during a speech, essentially following them to jump off of a bridge if the said Politicians tell them to.

We don’t do that here at American Political Radio. We accept you for who you are. The very way God created you is good enough for us. We realize that even as Conservatives we’re going to have differences, but those differences aren’t enough to break us out into segregated groups that will only tear our ideology apart.

We bring you some of the greatest names in broadcasting entertainment like Craig Andresen and Diane Sori of the Right Side Patriots that will bring you a comprehensively fact based political commentary show every Tuesday and Friday from 7pm – 9pm EST.

Up and coming Conservative commentator Valyn Calhoun of Red Menace Radio is live every Sunday from 7pm – 9pm EST bringing you Conservative commentary, and intense interviews with great guests that you won’t hear anywhere else in radio.

Peter Boykin of MAGA First News, and President/Activist of Gays For Trump will be live every Monday and Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm EST bringing you live commentary and current news  from a completely different perspective.

Also, we have some of the greatest music DJ’s on the planet like DJ Badboy, and DJ Dawter bringing you the newest in Top 40, Dance, EDM, Techo, 80’s, and so much more. Music shows that will be bringing you some of the latest radio and dance floor hits first, before any other station in the world.

It’s obvious that true diversity lives at American Political Radio. Democrats and Progressives around the world may talk about diversity, but we live it on a daily basis, and we’re happy to provide you one place to find all of the latest news, political commentary, and music. APR is truly unique, and unlike anything that you’ve heard before.

As the Founder, Owner, and General Manager of APR I am proud of what we’ve built, and I know that you will enjoy every single bit of this new radio experience just as much as we all do bringing the entertainment to you.


Scott Legler


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