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As owner of the all new American Political Radio (APR) I would like to personally welcome you to my blog page. APR has been built from the ground up by some of the most notable names in modern day political activism.

We’re striving very hard to bring you something new in Conservative radio. Something never before seen in The United States, or anywhere in the world for that matter. We are an all inclusive group of individuals, welcoming everyone in to listen, broadcast, host, interact, enjoy, and love America as founded by our forefathers.  We are all about inclusiveness for all people that share our Conservative values regardless or race, creed, origin, or sexual orientation.

Liberals love to talk about how open and inclusive they are of all people, but they have a very funny way of showing it. Many times singling their constituency into hyphenated groups, essentially segregating their voters to blindly follow them no matter what their leaders say at the podium during a speech, essentially following them to jump off of a bridge if the said Politicians tell them to.

We don’t do that here at American Political Radio. We accept you for who you are. The very way God created you is good enough for us. We realize that even as Conservatives we’re going to have differences, but those differences aren’t enough to break us out into segregated groups that will only tear our ideology apart.

We bring you some of the greatest names in broadcasting entertainment like Craig Andresen and Diane Sori of the Right Side Patriots that will bring you a comprehensively fact based political commentary show every Tuesday and Friday from 7pm – 9pm EST.

Up and coming Conservative commentator Valyn Calhoun of Red Menace Radio is live every Sunday from 7pm – 9pm EST bringing you Conservative commentary, and intense interviews with great guests that you won’t hear anywhere else in radio.

Peter Boykin of MAGA First News, and President/Activist of Gays For Trump will be live every Monday and Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm EST bringing you live commentary and current news  from a completely different perspective.

Also, we have some of the greatest music DJ’s on the planet like DJ Badboy, and DJ Dawter bringing you the newest in Top 40, Dance, EDM, Techo, 80’s, and so much more. Music shows that will be bringing you some of the latest radio and dance floor hits first, before any other station in the world.

It’s obvious that true diversity lives at American Political Radio. Democrats and Progressives around the world may talk about diversity, but we live it on a daily basis, and we’re happy to provide you one place to find all of the latest news, political commentary, and music. APR is truly unique, and unlike anything that you’ve heard before.

As the Founder, Owner, and General Manager of APR I am proud of what we’ve built, and I know that you will enjoy every single bit of this new radio experience just as much as we all do bringing the entertainment to you.


Scott Legler

of T